One World Trade Center hit a milestone at the end of January when it passed the 90th floor and became the most expensive building in the world. Now, with construction passing the 93rd floor, it'll soon hit another milestone: in the next few weeks, it will pass the Empire State Building to become the tallest building in NYC.

The Daily News took a video tour of the site (which you can see below)—eventually, the 104-story tower will be taller than 1776 feet (including spire and antennae). “It’s the eighth wonder of the world,” says Steve Plate, the PA’s director of World Trade Center Construction. “It’s a statement of fortitude and determination and the absolute best of mankind.” The tower’s three-level observation deck on the 100th, 101st and 102nd floor—around 1,269 feet up—is projected to be open to the public by early 2014.

The News' video tour takes place around 1,200 feet up, so you can get a decent idea of what it'll be like once that observation deck is open. Pointing northwest, over the swamplands and suburbs of New Jersey, Port Authority Executive Director Pat joked the News: “Don’t strain your neck, but if you look very hard, you can see Alaska.”

Here's the full construction status per Port Authority: steel has risen to the 93rd floor; installation of glass curtain wall has risen to the 70th floor; installation of concrete floors has risen to the 87th floor; and installation of podium glass will begin in 2012 to allow for construction activities and deliveries to proceed in this area.