Perhaps you took the 1 train last night and got the rude awakening that 1 service was suspended due to a ceiling collapse onto the tracks at the West 181st Street station. Or maybe you got the NotifyNYC alert this morning, "Until further notice, the number 1 train will not be passing through the 181st street station. For the morning rush hour, all passengers are being shuttled 2 blocks east to the A line. The south bound 1 line's last stop will be the 215th street station. Northbound, the last stop will be the 168th street station." (More details on the transit alert here.) Either way, 1 train riders on the nine stops north of 168th Street are screwed for the time being. In terms of the collapse, luckily no one was hurt, according to the Daily News, which says "a 20- to 30-foot section of the ceiling, including an old stone arch, caved in about 11 p.m. Bricks covered both uptown and downtown tracks and platforms." Workers have been trying to clear the tracks since the collapse; you can see more pre-collapse photographs of the station at NYC Subway. Photo: NYC Subway