2008_10_dmcoll.jpgThe police arrested Darius McCollumn for impersonating a federal employee at Penn Station on Sunday. McCollum's 25 previous arrests were for impersonating a NYC Transit employee--most famously for taking the E train for a 6-stop ride when he was 15 years old. More recently, the 43-year-old has tried to steal a train at the Long Island Rail Road yard in 2004 and tried to enter a restricted area at Columbus Circle wearing a transit worker-like uniform in June. It's believed the 43-year-old suffers from Asperger's; his "weary-sounding" mother told the Daily News that she wasn't surprised he was arrested again. McCollum now lives in North Carolina with her, but he traveled to NYC in spite of her warnings, "He's a lover of New York and can't get over it."