Are city cabbies making "sun tea" in their vehicles? Of the 44,000 TLC drivers on the streets, most working 12 hour days, you can imagine how difficult it is for them to find a place they can relieve themselves. So many allegedly "resort to going in the street or peeing in bottles stowed under their seats."

The problem is a big one for the drivers, and amNewYork reports that their "hunt for a toilet is getting harder as new bike lanes and MUNI meters make it harder to jump out without getting ticketed." There are 55 relief stands in the city, where drivers are able to park for an hour — but that number goes down with construction projects popping up; even the Times Square pedestrian plaza took two away.

The city is allegedly creating new stands, and a GPS device detecting public bathrooms could be ready in, oh, two years or so. But until then, others are trying to help out where they can. After receiving workers comp claims for kidney problems, one taxi garage owner in Brooklyn opened his doors to all drivers.