This fall, be the envy of those losers on 11th Avenue and own your very own parking space on 66 East 11th Street for $1 million dollars. "It's for someone who wants complete privacy," a vice chairman for the realty company tells the Post. Because the key to privacy is living in the most publicized, ostentatious parking space in New York City.

The space is actually more of a garage, and will be part of a new six-unit, luxury condo building developed by Morad Fareed. The largest unit will be an 8,000 square-foot penthouse with a 3,000 square-foot terrace. That is being priced at $38.8 million, or 38.8 really nice parking spaces.

To ensure that the earth will open up and swallow the inhabitants of 66 East 11th Street first when the Great Reaping of Souls begins, the building will also feature shower water that is infused with vitamin C and aloe. No word on whether the city has approved the building's permit to install cauldrons of boiling oil to keep the "parking spaceless" at bay.