Earlier this morning, a shooting at the Norwood Palace Bar in Brooklyn has left one person dead and others injured. Around 3 a.m., patrons got into a huge fight and then, according to WCBS 2, "Two plain clothes officers with the anti-crime unit entered the bar in Cypress Hill, and that's when, police said, gunfire was exchanged."

WABC 7 reports, based on the NYPD's look at surveillance footage, "a massive brawl broke out inside when someone started smashing barstools over people's backs." There may also have been gunfire. When the anti-crime cops arrived, "One officer reported being shot at and ducked into a side room where he returned fire."

The man who was pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital may have been the bar bouncer. Another person was hospitalized while two police officers were also taken to the hospital to check for trauma. WCBS 2 adds that three guns were recovered from the bar and , "To piece together what happened, police were reviewing security camera footage from inside the bar, and as many as 50 witnesses were being interviewed from a police station house."