Last night around 9 p.m., shots were fired in front of 40 Clarkson Avenue in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. When police arrived, they found a 28-year-old woman shot in the back and a 13-year-old boy grazed in the back. The woman, Fatima Gordon, who had been walking home from the store, was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital.

Her aunt told the Daily News, "Please not my niece. God, take me. She was just coming from the store. Her birthday is Saturday. She’s a wonderful mother - why her?" The aunt also yelled, "Those bastards shot my niece!"

Two other men—a 29-year-old who was grazed in the torso and a 26-year-old who was shot in the right arm and buttocks—went to Kings County Hospital on their own. One witness told the News, "There were six or seven shots. A woman was lying on the ground. She wasn’t moving. Another woman was tending to her and screaming. A man walked out of the building holding his abdomen and climbed into an ambulance."

The police have not made any arrests, and the investigation is ongoing.