A car caught fire on the Grand Central Parkway this afternoon, leaving behind a long trail of flames alongside the highway. Gothamist's Ben Yakas captured this alarming video from the scene, explaining: "It was crazy because no cops were there yet, just chaos of cars swerving and flames spreading."

The FDNY says that they were alerted to the fire, which is near the RFK Bridge, at 1:37 p.m. We'll update as more information becomes available.

Update: The FDNY tells us that one person has died and two people have minor injuries.

Update, 5:40 p.m.: According to the NYPD, a 2010 Toyota Highlander was traveling eastbound on the Grand Central when it ran over a piece of metal in the roadway, which caused an ignition of the gas tank. The 26-year-old driver and 25-year-old front seat passenger escaped with minor injuries, while the backseat passenger—a 50-year-old male—was found DOA. The investigation is ongoing.