An empty van rolled through a Queens intersection and up over the curb, killing a woman and injuring a man who were on the sidewalk. One witness tells WCBS 2, "The back left wheel and the front right wheel rolled over this old lady’s neck and then hit an older gentleman, knocked the souvlaki stand, and it was just devastating."

The collision occurred around 2 p.m., at the intersection of 32nd Street and Broadway in Astoria. Police say that a 29-year-old man parked a white Ford van at the corner, but then the van "began to roll backward on 32nd Street," hitting the two pedestrians and then a food cart.

The van first hit an 80-year-old woman who was crossing the street with her groceries. Then, NBC New York reports, "A 71-year-old food cart vendor was also critically injured when he was hit by the out-of-control van. His co-worker pushed him out of the way, likely saving his life. The vehicle then crashed into a wall, authorities said.

Another witness said the crash happened very quickly—"it happened before anyone could even react.” Slowed down surveillance video shows the van moving across the street:

One witness told WCBS 2 the driver "thought he put the car in park. But he actually put it in reverse... And so he got out. He got out and it just started picking up speed. Went across Broadway. Got onto the sidewalk. Hit the old lady. Hit the worker and pushed the cart 20 feet to where it is now.”

The woman was taken to Elmhurst General Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The male victim was also taken there and is listed in stable condition.

The driver was not charged.