Last night, an 8-year-old boy died after a fire broke out on the third floor of a two-family house in Midwood, at Avenue P and Coney Island Avenue. The boy's five siblings, ages 1 to 10, were injured in the blaze which apparently started from holiday candles—according to the Daily News, the children were inside the house while their parents "were eating dinner outside in a tent for the Simchat Torah holiday when they were startled by their children's cries for help." A witness said, "The children were screaming. The parents heard them, but it was too late."

The father rushed into the house to try to save them; he was able to bring them out but couldn't reach his 8-year-old. Firefighters tried to reach for the boy through the bedroom window's burglar bars; a witness told WABC 7, "They were trying to give him CPR, and you could see black foam in his mouth. And then all hell broke loose."

One witness told the Post, "I was around the corner when I heard an explosion and I started smelling smoke. I looked up and saw huge flames licking the sky coming from the middle of the house from the attic," while another said of the father, "I don't know how he made it out alive." A one-year-old girl in respiratory distress was taken to the hospital in critical condition while others were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Four firefighters were injured in the blaze as well.