It hasn't been a good week for 1/2/3 subway riders. Last week, power problems screwed up commutes; today, there are signal issues that have caused the 1, 2 and 3 trains to be suspended between 96th Street and Chambers. One person Tweeted, "10:38am: stuck in tunnel at Columbus circle going toward Times Sq for an hour. 1/2/3 Train signal down. Turning out to be a fun morning!"

Khan Belmond got on the train at Central Park North and said it usually takes him 10 minutes, "Not today!"

According to the MTA, "Due to signal problems between 96 St and Chambers St, the following service changes are in effect: There are no 1, 2 & 3 trains between Chambers St and 96 St in both directions. 2 trains are running on the 5 line between 149 St and Nevins St in both directions. Shuttle train service is operating between 110 St and Harlem-148 St in both directions. Customers are advised to use C train service as an alternate."

Another rider, S., told us she got on a 2 train at Flatbush Avenue at 8 a.m., "First a sick passenger, then signal issues." She was stuck near 34th Street in the tunnel for an hour, and then the train backed up to 14th Street. There was a "a brief announcement at the initial stoppage and then no more updates for at least half an hour," she said. "People started to sit on the floor."

Our own Jonathan Fishner got on a 2 train at Clark Street at 9:15 a.m., "Train stopped by 23rd street for an hour and change and then we went back to 14th." As for how he and the other passengers managed with the situation, "We had cell phone reception so it was pretty low key. They kept us pretty informed. I watched Vince Carter in a HS dunk contest."

Update: Service was restored but there are extensive delays. The MTA recommends taking the A, B, C, D, N, Q and R trains instead. And what caused this mess?