2006_04_smetslogo.jpgClearly, you can't win them all. For the Mets, that's always the case when Victor Zambrano pitches. Last night, with Zambrano on the mound, the Mets lost to the Braves, 7-1. Zambrano, who won his last game, allowed seven runs and hits, including three home runs over his short five inning outing. Kyle Davies stymied the Mets, allowing only one run and three hits in his first career complete game. The one run was the lowest run total for the Mets all season. The lone Mets run came on a Chris Woodward homer in the 3rd.

While Andruw Jones smacked two home runs and Adam LaRoche went 3-4 and hit the 3rd homer for the Braves, things weren't all good. Marcus Giles sprained his left middle finger, adding to the early injury woes for the Braves. Shea-favorite, Larry "Chipper" Jones is out with a sprained right knee and ankle. The Mets weren't injury free either as Carlos Beltran has a strained hammy, Cliff Floyd has a strained rib cage, and Anderson Hernandez had back spasms last night. Gothamist hopes that injuries don't curtail the hot start the Mets have had so far.

Tom Glavine faces Tim Hudson in the rubber game this afternoon. It's the last time the Mets will be at home this month. Tomorrow they start their long road trip in San Diego.