It has been said that living in this city for at least seven years qualifies a person as a genuine New Yorker. Whether or not that’s true depends on one’s point of view, but Gothamist knows that no matter how far back you can trace your city roots, natives and newcomers alike have plenty of questions about life in the Big Apple.

Life in our great city is different from life in other cities simply because New Yorkers lead different lives than denizens of other cities. Sharing seats on the subway isn’t the same animal as sharing space on the freeway, of course, and there’s a certain responsibility New Yorkers have for each other as a result of close proximity and contact with our neighbors. After all, New Yorkers see more people before 9 AM than most people see all day.

Now, there are plenty of wannabe Miss Lonelyhearts ready to offer solutions to your problems and answers to your questions. But few, if any, have a uniquely New York point of view.

Enter Ask Gothamist.


Whether it’s the peculiarities of Internet Dating, when to take your landlord to housing court, how to deal with a roommate who insists on practicing the drums at 3 in the morning, or simply where to find the best burger, Ask Gothamist has an answer for everything.

We don’t have any unique qualifications (no more than your average radio blabbermouth or syndicated columnist) but do have some good common sense and a slightly annoying habit of offering unsolicited advice to and the occasional stranger. And unlike the shut-up-and-get-over-it styles of Doctors Phil and Laura, Ask Gothamist encourages feedback from readers. Did we miss something? Was our most recent advice totally off base? Use each entry’s comment feature to tell us what you think. Not even Ann Landers will let you do that.

So that’s it. Now we turn the reins over to you. Send us your questions, your problems, your muddled messes yearning to be clean. Go ahead and ask.