2006_04_smetslogo.jpg-Mets 7, Blue Jays 4: What are the chances the Mets will reach the playoffs? High, according to Baseball Prospectus? Why? Their offense has been excellent and their pitching has kept up. A year after making the fourth-most outs in the history of baseball, Jose Reyes has proved to be something other than an offensive black hole. Carlos Beltran has come close to earning his paycheck, and everyone knows about David Wright. Steve Trachsel has always been adequate, and that's what he was Sunday.

-Yankees 2, Marlins 1; Marlins 5, Yankees 0: An outing against the Marlins cured Mike Mussina in the opener, but his teammates couldn't solve Marlins roookie Anibal Sanchez in his Major League debut in the nightcap. Mussina did pick up his 2,500th strikeout. For a while, the second game seemed likely to go untelevised, but ESPN realized it might get better ratings in New York if it seized the chance to replace Astros-White Sox.

-Fire 2, Red Bulls 0: Some American fans have had enough trouble devoting attention to the championship rounds of the NBA and the NHL because of the World Cup. With soccer's biggest championship taking place in Germany, few noticed the Red Bulls fall into last place.