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Sometimes it’s not about the destination, but how you get there! Awaken the inner child in you with a fully decked out Hello Kitty flight.

Believe or not, Hello Kitty themed flights are nothing new. They’ve been gracing Asia’s domestic air routes—with stops from Taiwan to Hong Kong, Japan, China, South Korea and Guam—for years, but the first flights from the United States didn’t make their debut until the beginning of this year.

The Taiwanese airline, EVA Air, teamed up with Sanrio to design 6 special, ever-changing designs for their international Hello Kitty planes. Each time the theme of the aircraft changes, so does the outside of the plane design and the subsequent inside decor of the plane. Flights are hard to come by. They are available only three times a week from Los Angeles to Taipei.

Travelers enter the aircraft through a special Hello Kitty gate, sit in Hello Kitty themed seats while flight attendants serve fliers wearing Hello Kitty aprons. And that’s just the beginning of the experience!

Hello Kitty doesn't want you to lose your luggage (Kristie Hang for Gothamist)

The moment you set foot at the airport, you're hit by the Hello Kitty-ness of it all. You check in your luggage and make sure it’s properly labeled with a Hello Kitty nametag. Even the baggage claim tags are Hello Kitty. At the Taipei Airport, there’s even Hello Kitty check-in machines to make swift checking-in a breeze.

When you arrive to your departure terminal, there is a Hello Kitty store nearby in case you want to purchase some items to get into character for your flight.

Hello Kitty luggage for anyone who didn't have it before (Kristie Hang for Gothamist)

Then, at the gate, you can see a plane: This is jet has the Hand-in-Hand Theme where Hello Kitty and all her character friends are happily holding hands.

Inside, you'll be greeted by Hello Kitty and her friends on the a pillow. The pillow matched the Hand-in-Hand theme on plane's exterior, and the Business Class and First Class pillows had a slightly different pattern. I personally think that the colorful details on the Elite pillows and headrest (Deluxe Economy Class) are better than on First and Business Class, which were maybe too sophisticated for this child at heart.

Hello Dinner! (Kristie Hang for Gothamist)

Have you ever dreamed of a true Hello Kitty meal, with Hello Kitty silverware, Hello Kitty cups, Hello Kitty napkins, and Hello Kitty shaped melon and Hello Kitty shaped butter? Oh, and Hello Kitty toothpicks sugar packs, too? Well, GAME ON.

Hello Kitty cups (Kristie Hang for Gothamist)

When you head to the bathroom, you'll be in a virtual Hello Kitty Spa. Wash your hands with Hello Kitty soap, moisturize with Hello Kitty lotion, and spray your face with Hello Kitty mist. Feel nauseous? These adorable Hello Kitty air sickness bags will fight your ailing tummy with their cuteness!

Your earphones come wrapped in a Hello Kitty plastic bag. (Kristie Hang for Gothamist)

Each Hello Kitty flight has different limited edition items you can only purchase on that particular flight. If you ask for it, they also have complimentary puzzles and playing cards to help fliers pass time on the long, international flight. The puzzles and playing cards also go with the theme of the plane. Any Duty Free items you purchase on the flight come in a Hello Kitty bag, which will come in handy when you need something to stash all your various plane souvenirs (hello, Hello Kitty toothpicks!).

The Hello Kitty international planes will be hitting Europe soon as well. Will you be booking your next international flight with Hello Kitty for your next trip?

Kristie Hang is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles. You can follow her on Twitter at @KristieHang.