2006_08_sjetslogo.jpgAfter the Jets' surprising Week 1 win over the Titans, they return home to face the rival Patriots. Only a lack of mutual success has kept this rivalry from blossoming more over the years. Each franchise has poached a coach from the other (Bill Parcells taken by the Jets; Bill Belichick taken by the Patriots), the teams are from New York and Boston, the current Jets coach, Eric Mangini, was a longtime Patriots assistant, and, most recently, the Patriots accused the Jets of tampering.

Of course, most -- if not all -- of these stories have been overhyped by the media. The curse of the NFL is its weeklong period between games and the overcoverage ESPN and local news media provide to the small day-to-day developments of the team. Here are things to watch on Sunday:

Chad Pennington: Sure, he shredded Tennessee's defense, but can he do it to Belichick's Pats? The history of this matchup is one-sided, and not in Pennington's favor.

Jets defense: Yes, the Patriots are a less potent team without Deion Branch -- traded to the Seahawks and the source of the tampering allegations -- but Tom Brady didn't get where he is today because of the weapons around him. The Jets must contain tight ends Ben Watson and Daniel Graham.

Mike Nugent: The Jets placekicker missed three kicks on Sunday -- two short field goals and an extra point. He was a second-round pick in the 2005 draft, but the Jets still worked out kickers this week. Job security aside, Nugent won't be able to miss kicks and still enjoy a Jets victory this week.