Yesterday, the Yankees finally beat the Red Sox at Fenway, taking the 3rd game of the four game series, 7-3 (box score). Paul Quantrill got the win, after bailing out starter Jose Contreras in the third inning. A well rested Derek Lowe got the loss, giving up seven runs in 2 2/3 innings. Despite the victory, one has to wonder if it was the Yankees that performed well, or if it was the pitching of Derek Lowe.

In the games Friday and Saturday, the Yankees lost 6-2 (box score) and 5-2 (box score). The Yankees look to finish the four-game series with a victory today. Kevin Brown, the team ace to date, takes on Red Sox 5th starter Bronson Arroyo (Bronson who?).

Gothamist can't get enough of this New York-Boston rivalry, which makes meaning-less April games that much more intense. There will be three more games this weekend when the Red Sox visit Yankee Stadium for their fare share of booing.