2006_04_syankeeslogo.jpgThe Yankees may have lost one international star, but they still have plenty left. Friday night, it was the hero of Taiwan, Chien-Ming Wang, who picked up the team. Wang was brilliant over eight innings, throwing only 85 pitches while facing one batter over the minimum in New York’s 2-0 victory.

Before the game the Yankees received word that Hideki Matsui’s surgery was successful. For his part, Matsui felt the need to apologize to his teammates for getting injured though Gothamist can’t figure out why he should be sorry for trying to make a great catch. The Yankees still aren’t sure how long they will be without Hideki, but the general feeling is at least three months. For now, they will use Melky Cabrera and Bubba Crosby to replace Matsui, but with the Yankees you should never be surprised if they make a big trade.