2005_05_sbellyanks.jpgMost fans believed that the best remedy for the Yankee losing streak was a series with the Royals. After all, Kansas City was twenty-four games under .500 and possessed the worst record in baseball. Things were so bad that their manager had quit one month into the season. Unfortunately for the Yankees, the Royals got a new manager on Tuesday and he skippered his team to a 5-3 victory.

Not to be outdone, the Yankees also had a new, albeit temporary, manager Tuesday. Joe Girardi was in charge while Joe Torre served his one game suspension from last week’s beanbrawl with the Tigers. Girardi did an adequate job, but was a loser in his debut. Tony Womack was the principal goat in this game. He came up with two men on and no outs in the seventh and reached base on a fielder’s choice. Not content to have created only one out, he promptly got picked off of first, for the second out of the inning, effectively killing the potential rally.

So, the Yankees have a bad start to their twelve game road trip. Apparently, the Boss is very interested in the trip, because he has sent GM, Brian Cashman, along for the ride. Cashman rarely travels with the team and the last time he did was when the Yankees shook up their roster at the start of May. Could this mean more changes are in store?

Photo by Ed Zurga/AP via ESPN