Yankee Fans in Japan; Photo: AP

The Daily News looks at how the Yankees fared outside of the stadium during their trip to Japan, and it's definitely high on the Lost in Traslation "hey, look at this new culture!" meter. Some players that didn't like sushi would eat Kobe beef, Yankees were amazed at how clean Tokyo is, and they were amused by all the cameraphones. Manager Joe Torre said, "I certainly think, with baseball having to really try to get the appeal out there, I think we should be touchable. I don't think we should be untouchable," which probably threw Jeter fans into a frenzy, in hopes that Jeter would be touchable to them. And Derek Jeter himself noted, "They're ultra-happy and respectful, with regard to baseball." That's so true, as you can see by some fans' signs. Gothamist wonders if the Japanese fans booed; we remember Beck telling Conan O'Brien how performing in Japan is weird, because everyone claps at the same time and then goes completely silent.

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