Yankee Stadium; Photo: MLB.com/Yankees.com

Is there only one rivalry left in baseball? George Vecsey thinks so (for the record, Gothamist thinks there are at least two rivalries in baseball). Vecsey contends that the only rivalry that is worth watching is the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry and to an extent, parts of his article are true. There is tremendous buzz around the two teams this year, with each team making off-season moves. Then there are the Mets, who Vecsey says are serving "leftovers" and have "no buzz" (has he been reading Whatevs?). Gothamist wonders if the addition of Kazuo Matsui and the play of Jose Reyes can cause excitement in Vecsey. Even we weren't so down on the Mets in our baseball preview.

In other Yankee flattery, The Morning News looks at Yankee "fans" in Albany, where it seems that three of seven fans seem to be frontrunners. Hmm...half of Yankee fans...frontrunners...no, that's not possible. Note to that half of the fans, check out Bill Simmons's rules for being a true fan.