2004_06_syankees.jpgThe Yankees got younger on Thursday, but did they get any better? After organizational meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Yankees made their first changes, cutting ties with relievers, Paul Quantrill and Mike Stanton. Both were designated for assignment meaning the Yankees have ten days to trade or release them. Jason Anderson, a former Yankee prospect who was traded to the Mets for Armando Benitez and Wayne Franklin, a 31-year-old lefty specialist, will take their place on the roster for now.

Quantrill seemed to have been overused last year. After a stellar first half, Quantrill collapsed in the second with a 7.09ERA. This year he never got on track and leaves the Yankees with a 6.05ERA. Stanton was brought back to the Yankees because the Mets were willing to take Felix Heredia. While he pitched effectively against lefties, he had only thrown six innings since the start of May.

Getting rid of two older relievers is just a start to changing what ails the Yankees. They must find a way to prevent Joe Torre from using Tony Womack as a starter ever again and improve their woeful outfield defense. Mark Kotsay or Mike Cameron would be a huge upgrade defensively, but unlike years past, the Yankees reportedly will not mortgage their future to improve their club in 2005. Thirty days until the trading deadline, it should be an interesting July in Yankeeland.