2007_05_clemenspaws.jpgPitcher Roger Clemens, who was coaxed out of retirement with a deal worth $28 million, was supposed to be the savior of the floundering Yankees. The Bronx team's pitching staff has been plagued with injuries and Joe Torre and Ron Guidry have been forced to call up ever-younger prospects from the organization's farm system. Fans were momentarily relieved and distracted from the Yankees' on-field woes during the 7th inning stretch of a game in early May, when Clemens appeared in George Steinbrenner's box and announced that he would be returning to pitch for New York.

The Rocket, as Clemens is known, was scheduled to start his mound duties for the Yankees this Monday against the Chicago White Sox, but is now suffering from a "fatigued right groin". The Daily News reports that he is being sent to the team's facilities in Tampa Bay for further evaluation, but that there is no timetable for the high-priced pitcher's return. Phil Hughes, the young phenom who is said to be the future of the Yankees pitching staff strained his hamstring and was pulled from his debut game in April while on his way to pitching a no-hitter. Last week, the 20-year-old severely sprained his ankle while rehabbing that injury, and will be out an additional four to six weeks.

Pitcher Andy Pettite will start against Boston this evening as the Yankees continue their road trip to Fenway Park.