Breaking news: the Yankees are headed to the playoffs!! Okay, maybe that's not so "breaking" from a team that is expected to win the World Series, but it's news nonetheless. Yesterday, the Yankees made the playoffs for the 10th straight season.

They clinched by beating the Devil Rays, 7-3 (box score). Now, all they have to do is win the AL East, something they look to do this weekend against the Red Sox. If the Yankees sweep the three-game series this weekend, they will clinch the AL East pennant.

Since baseball comes down to fun. Well, fun and money, the veterans on the team made the rookies don Elvis outfits for the trip to Boston. With any luck for the Bronx Bombers, they will at least perform as well as last weekend. They are currently 4.5 games ahead of the Red Sox.

Last season, they made Hideki Matsui and the other rookies wear pimp clothes. Any guesses on what they'll do next year?