2008_04_yankstad.jpgTwo Yankees fans were nabbed on Tuesday night after they tried to steal the stadium's opening day bunting. John Bunjaporte, 41, and Kevin O'Rourke, 39, were seen allegedly trying to remove screws from the upper deck decorations after the home opener.

Yankees COO Lonn Trost issued a statement, "This type of destructive behavior will not be tolerated from the first game of the season through the last." Even though bunting has been stolen in previous years, the Yankees mean business: They revoked Bunjaporte's and O'Rourke's season tickets.

The pair were also charged with petty larceny and criminal mischief. It's unclear if they will be banned for life from the old and new stadiums, which is the punishment (plus three years probation) received by a fan who fell into the foul ball netting in 2005.