2006_01_swbc.gifThe World Baseball Classic released a list of rules regarding playing time as well as some confirmation on some other rules. Pitch counts, mercy rules, and limits on playing time are all on the list as Major League Baseball seeks to protect the participating players from fatigue and injury while they play games that are essentially replacing spring training. Some rules include:

- Pitchers will be limited to 65 pitches per appearance in round 1, 80 for round 2, and 95 for the semi-finals and finals (pitchers can complete their plate appearance)
- Any 30-pitch outing will be followed by a day off and a 50-pitch one followed by four days off. Nobody will pitch three days in a row.
- The DH will be used as well as the mercy rule (15 runs after 5 innings, 10 runs after 7 innings) and can be stopped in the middle of an inning
- A max of 14 players per organization and 10 from its active 25-man roster on August 31st, which teams can waive. MLB and the players' association can block a player from participating if it creates an undue hardship (i.e. too many pitchers from one team, etc.)

Now that they've got all this cleared up, we're ready for some world baseball action! Too bad it doesn't start until March 3rd.