Vin Baker - Photo:NBA.comDid Isiah Thomas choose Vin Baker over "Shaq Stopper" Erick Dampier? Actually no, but it appears he chose to bring in Jamal Crawford over the free agent center from Golden State.

Today the NY Post picked up on a story that first reported last week. It appears that Isiah will use most of his available $4.9 Mid Level Exception (MLE) to sign Baker, the embattled power forward with a history of alcoholism. Gothamist loves how a certified alcoholic, especially one that has proven again and again that his addiction hurts his ability to perform on the hardwood, can lock up millions of dollars in guaranteed money in today's NBA climate.

This decision by Isiah is curious, considering that Dampier has said that he would consider taking a one year offer for the Knicks MLE if he had too. However, Baker is represented by Aaron Goodwin, who also happens to rep Jamal Crawford who joined
the Knicks last week
. Most likely Isiah gave his word that if the Crawford deal, which Goodwin help facilitate, went down, he would also take care of Baker. Now the only way that Dampier is coming to New York is via a sign and trade with Golden State, something the Warriors are not in favor of, given the dearth of cap friendly contracts on the Knicks roster.