2006_08_sjetslogo.jpgSo long as they win against the Raiders on Sunday, the Jets don't have to worry about strength of victory or any other complicated tiebreakers. Beat the team tied for the worst record in the NFL and make the playoffs. It's that simple. For the record, a loss put the Jets in need of plenty of help. According to the AP, they'd advance in one of the following situations: Jacksonville and Cincinnati lose or tie; Cincinnati loses or ties and Tennessee wins or Denver and Jacksonville lose.

But the Jets can't worry about getting help if they lose. A loss in this game would rank among their biggest disappointments. Oakland has the worst offense and the second-worst passing offense in the National Football League. The Raiders haven't scored more than 14 points since they stunned Pittsburgh on Oct. 29. On the other hand, the Jets defense has held opponents to 14.1 points per game since their bye -- a stretch of seven games -- and hasn't allowed more than one touchdown in four of six games.

At the beginning of the season, Jets fans would have settled for just missing the playoffs -- if they didn't laugh the person who suggested that idea out of the room. But now, things have changed. If, after playing such good football over the season's second half, the Jets blow this chance against the the conference's worst team, they'll have a hard time calling the season a success. Mangini and Co. shouldn't have to worry about that feeling if they play half as well as they're capapable of.