Willis Reed; Photo: Walter Iooss Jr./NBAE/Getty Images

Yesterday, the New Orleans Hornets hired Willis Reed for their vice president of basketball operations. In his position, he will assist GM Allan Bristow and director of personnel Jeff Bower when it comes to roster decisions.

Reed, enshrined at the Hall of Fame since 1982, led the Knicks to championships in 1970 and 1973; the title in 1970 was the first for the Knicks franchise and one of the most memorable performances in NBA History. Reed was injured in Game 5 of the Finals versus the Lakers and did not play in Game 6, which was the Lakers won with ease. When Game 7 came, Reed was not expected to play, but took the court moments before the tip-off, scored the first two baskets for the Knicks. His gutsy play in Game 7 propelled the Knicks to their first Championship.

After a brief stint coaching the Knicks in the late 70s, Reed coached in college and was an assistant coach for the Hawks and Kings. In 1993, Reed joined the Nets as their GM and built a successful team, eventually becoming their senior VP of basketball operations. Before the 2003-04 season, Reed joined the Knicks as an advisor in the front office.