2005_04_vespa.jpgSo, there's a Page Six item that involves the usual Page Six details: A rich New Yorker (a celebrity dentist with patients "Donald Trump, Sumner Redstone, Harvey Weinstein, Bruce Springsteen, Kathie Lee Gifford, Christie Brinkley, Chloe Sevigny, Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and Bridget Hall") who has a house in the Hamptons. But then you find out that the rich dentist made his own son sue him for damages about he and his son took a spill on a Vespa. Dr. Larry Rosenthal's son managed to get $85,000 from his dad's insurance company. Apparently the money went to tending to the son's medical bills and the rest went into a trust, but Rosenthal, who had a "punctured lung, broken ribs and other injuries after being dragged by a car that hit him as he lay on the road" didn't sue anyone. Our crazy legal system!

And in the Internet component of the item, Dr. Rosenthal's angry patients have put together a website, baddentist.com; of course there's the countersite, allaboutbaddentist.com.