Richard Jefferson; Image: BBC

It was a terrible night for fans of New York hoops. Even Isiah Thomas couldn't buy a piece of good basketball news.

The Nets suffered a severe blow to their comeback hopes when it was announced yesterday that Richard Jefferson will be out with an injury for the remainder of the season. Jefferson ruptured ligaments in his left wrist, which requires surgery followed by four months of time in a cast or in physical therapy. The team wasn't exactly dominating opponents even with RJ's 22 points a game, so they're in even more trouble now. Expect Vince Carter to pick up some of the scoring slack, and don't be surprised to find the Nets in the draft lottery this summer.

In other bad basketball developments: The sans-Jefferson Nets lost to the defending champ Pistons last night 89-80 at the Meadowlands, which is forgivable, while the Knicks lost at home to the 4-29 New Orleans Hornets, which truly isn't. Nice to see such great results for that $103 million Knickerbocker payroll; for perspective, the NBA's two best teams (the Suns and Spurs) each have payrolls of under $48 million. Yeouch.

Finally, the Bay Shore and North Babylon girls' basketball teams and their fans apparently admire Ron Artest, as they attempted to emulate the Pacers-Pistons brawl last night. There's nowhere to go but up from here.

Image via the BBC; Entry by Tom Thornton