We at Gothamist have no idea what will happen when Eli Manning makes his first start against the Falcons on Sunday. He could throw for 300 yards or he could have a Kurt Warneresque fumbling infused gagfest. We really don't know.

Let's just be honest with ourselves for a second and say that these losses have not exclusively been the fault of Warner. He's been running for his life as opposing defenses have commited to stopping the run and pressuring the quarterback. That being said, we at Gothamist are holding out hope that Eli will be able to quickly get rid of the ball and help the Giants put some points on the board. New York is 3-0 when scoring more than 26 points.

So far this season rookie quarterbacks are 10-0 (Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger is 7-0 and Chicago's Craig Krenzel is 3-0) so Eli's got that going for him. What will be a problem is adjusting to the speed of the N.F.L. game. At Mississippi Manning could wait for the open man, but in the N.F.L. that's too late. He'll need to throw the ball right before his receivers get open. We at Gothamist wish you good luck Eli and pray that you don't get broken.

Atlanta is a 2.5 point favorite on the road, but we would recomend staying away from this game. Maybe join Fredeeky in Atlantic City this weekend instead.

Photo by AP/Chuck Burton