Rangers City Skaters; Photo: MSG

Gothamist thought we knew a fair amount about the New York Rangers (we do have the 1994 Stanley Cup Championship video), but we never realized they had the Rangers City Skaters, the icy counterpart to the Knicks City Dancers. That's why the Post's exclusive that MSG executives sexually harrassed, verbally abused, and just acted like buffoons was so surprising. The former captain of the Rangers City Skaters, Courtney Prince, is suing the Rangers, citing instances where MSG executives took underage skaters to bars, intimated they should get breast enlargement surgery, and threatened to cut off their supply of free cookies so the City Skaters would lose weight. Prince claims she was fired because she warned other skaters about sexual harrassment. This is just terrible news for the sucky Rangers and the MSG organization. Not only do they market their City Skaters poorly, they treat them badly.

Are the MSG executives watching the South Park with Petey the Sexual Harrassment Panda?