If you've been following the Mets at all, you know there's no hope left for them this year. While they aren't mathematically eliminated yet, it's clear that there's nothing left for the Mets this year. They continued their losing skid, dropping their fifth game in a row and getting swept by the Padres in their four-game series. Gothamist wonders where it went wrong? Such hope in the beginning of the season, such despair at the end. Typical Mets, no?

At least the weather for the afternoon game was nice. The Mets managed 3 runs, all in the 9th inning, making a game of it, losing 10-3 (box score). It might have helped if the Mets didn't give up seven runs in the 7th and 8th innings. With games like the Mets have played, the closers weren't exactly needed. San Diego's closer, Trevor Hoffman faced one batter and Braden Looper made his first appearance in yesterday's meaningless top of the 9th.

Where do the Mets go from here? Well, they have 36 games left. 36 more times to suck it up, 36 more times to wonder what the problem was this season. Then the off-season questions can begin.