We here at the Gothamist Sports desk - it's a small and cluttered desk - generally like all sports and one that doesn't get much press in New York (except maybe for this article). The season started in late August and there is already talk of post season Bowls, but there is still football to be played. While there is a surely a segment of the population that could care less about college football, or even sports in general, there is also a segment of New Yorkers that do. At times, depending on the team one follows, it's hard to find fellow fans or your game on television. That's where alumni associations and their viewing parties come into play.

Fight songs, cow bells, school colors and several of your fellow fans. We've done a little legwork and compiled a list of some schools that gather on fall Saturdays to watch their teams play. Thanks to all the clubs that responded to our e-mails. The list is nowhere near comprehensive, so if we missed anything, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Of course, don't forget to check out the Gothamist Top 15.

Clemson - Ship of Fools

Florida St. - Park Ave. Country Club (more info)

Georgia Tech - Proof (more info)

Miami - Buster's Garage (more info)

NC State - Brother Jimmy's East Side (more info)

Univ. of Virginia - Newgate Bar & Grill (more info)

Virginia Tech - The Back Page

Big East:
Boston College - Pat O'Brien's (more info)

West Virginia - Ship of Fools

Big Ten:
Iowa - Blondies Upper West Side (more info)

Michigan - Park Ave. Country Club (more info)

Michigan St. - Blondies Upper West Side (more info)

Ohio St. - Blondies East (more info)

Penn St. - Joshua Tree (more info)

Purdue - Dorrian's Red Hand (more info)

Wisconsin - Proof (more info)

Big 12:
Colorado - Turtle Bay Grill & Lounge (more info)

Nebraska - The Irish Rougue (more info)

Oklahoma - Proof (more info)

Texas - Back Page, Proof, Blondies Sports (more info)

Texas A&M - Bar 515 (more info)

Conference USA:
Louisville - Dead Poet's Cafe (more info)

Pac 10:
Oregon - Time Out (more info)

Oregon St. - Time Out (more info)

UCLA - Time Out (more info)

USC - Park Ave. Country Club (more info)

Washington - Ship of Fools (more info)

Alabama - Brother Jimmy's Upper West Side (more info)

Arkansas - Park Ave. Country Club (more info)

Auburn - Newgate Bar & Grill (more info)

Georgia - Buster's Garage (more info)

LSU - Blondies East (more info)

Ole Miss - The Back Page

Tennessee - Blondies East Side (more info)

Notre Dame - McFadden's Saloon