Slate, the online magazine published by Microsoft, is a daily stop in our web surfing and one thing that Ask Gothamist likes on the site is its regular Explainer column. Whenever we have a question about something in the news, Explainer is there to help us. But did we really need this week's explanation?

On ESPN.com, Gary Miller writes that the Cubs' Moises Alou pees on his hands to harden them so that he doesn't have to wear a batting glove. Teammates might want to think twice before allowing Alou to pat them on the butt after a homerun.

Slate takes up the task of explaining the reasons for this seemingly unsanitary practice (which you can read here). As much as Ask Gothamist can see how a segment of the population might find this interesting, we are confused by Explainer's digression from its normal fare of explaining U.S. torture policies and how to pronounce "Abu Ghraib."

For something a little more, um, palatable, watch the clip of Dave Chappelle's hilarious R. Kelley parody.