2006_06_slibertyint2.jpgGolf has always had somewhat of an "upper crust of society" feel to it, but sometimes that feeling goes even farther than one could even imagine. Case in point: Liberty National Golf Club. Liberty National, just across the Hudson River in Jersey City, just opened last month and has some of the most ridiculous member benefits that Gothamist has ever heard of. How ritzy, you ask? When construction is finished, the waiters will deliver anything to you at any time, with a silver platter. The Post quotes the club's managing director Aurelian Anghelusiu, "If our members want a foie gras sandwich and glass of Cristal on the course at 10 a.m., we'll do it." Nothing like the fresh taste of duck liver bright and early in the morning. Other benefits include a complementary yacht-ride from Manhattan, massages at the driving range, a view of Manhattan, and caddies with GPS systems to help pinpoint the distance from your errant ball to the holes. Oh, and if that boat ride takes too long, you can jump on the club helicopter.

Of course, all this comes at a cost. The initiation fee is a hefty $400,000 and the clubhouse won't be finished until 2008! The club already has 50 members and has a capacity of 325 for the coming years, but you better start saving your pennies now. The director of golf development said that the initiation fees to the $130 million facility could reach $1 million by 2010. Current members include Rudy Giuliani, Robert Kraft (owner of the New England Patriots) and Ken Langone (Home Depot co-founder).

And because nothing comes without a catch - Liberty National is built upon a former toxic landfill. Freshly trimmed greens and toxic fumes. Fun times.