It's bad enough when a Jersey driver enters New York City, but now they are destroying our light poles. Those light poles that our hard earned tax dollars paid for. If they're going to be knocked down, it damn well better be by a car with New York plates. And if you are going to run over a light pole, wouldn't you check your car for damage when you did it? Perhaps when doing that, you might notice that your freaking license plate is missing! Joe, who snapped the picture here (click it to enlarge), has an idea of what the conversation might have gone after the incident:

Passenger: Dude, you just backed into that light pole.
Driver: What?!
Passenger: You just knocked over the light pole.
Driver: Crap! Did anybody see us? I don't see anybody.
Passenger: I don't see anyone. Let's get out of here before anyone notices.
Driver: Yeah, let's get back to Hoboken.

Now, we're wondering two things. Did someone already steal the light off of the pole and can the DOT (or whoever is in charge of that pole) track down the owner of the car and make them pay for it?

Photo by Joe Schumacher