2007_04_sjetererror.jpgWhat's going on in Yankee land? Alex Rodriguez is getting curtain calls and Derek Jeter has set a career high for errors at this point in the season. Through 12 games, Jeter has a whopping 6 errors. The Daily News did some digging into his career and, thanks to the Elias Sports Bureau, found that in his career Jeter, through 11 games, had never more than 2 errors. Even more insane is that he didn't reach the 6-error mark until his 50th game last season. Half of Jeter's errors came on ground balls, while the other half were throwing errors.

So what's the problem for the reigning three-time Gold Glove winner? Who knows. Maybe it's the abnormal weather that's been wreaking havoc on the baseball season so far. Maybe it's the off-season rust. Or maybe Jeter is dating too many starlets. One scout that the News talked to didn't see anything particular that was causing issues.

What does Yankee GM Brian Cashman think? "It's a small sample, but when you take a step back and look at the big picture, things will look as they should look. I don't put much stock into small sample sizes." Whether or not you think Jeter was ever a good fielder, his error tally this season does seem a little strange.

If he does keeps it up, the next thing you know, Yankee fans will be booing Jeter. Wait. That could never happen, not to DJ.

Back cover image from the Daily News; E-6, get it? Very clever.