Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman has until after the 2005 baseball season until his tenure with the Yankees will be up, but a recent article from NY Metro has some potential destinations for the Yankee General Manager. The Boston Red Sox or maybe the Cleveland Indians. A lot can happen in a year and a half, but those who follow the Yankees know that there is little love between Cashman and the principal owner of the Yankees, George Steinbrenner.

The article cites numerous occasions where the interaction between owner and GM are less than perfect. From the Boss summoning his GM down to Tampa in the off-season, to the Boss deriding Cashman for the play of the team, to Steinbrenner making moves without letting Cashman know. The question is whether or not his relationship with Steinbrenner is enough to drive Cashman away from the team with the biggest pockets in baseball.

The article quotes Brian's wife Mary as saying he would like to go to Boston. “Brian would like to go to Boston and win the World Series. That would be any man’s dream, to go up there and become the god of Boston. But I don’t think that will happen.” Gothamist doesn't think there would be any way Steinbrenner would let that happen. And if it did, he would be out to get the Red Sox even more than he is now.

Cashman himself thinks that the Indians would be an interesting place to test out his abilities. “To be the guy who everyone else is calling, trying to trade for your one star, and having a choice of prospects to put a new team together. Yeah, I’d like to try that. But the pain of losing you’d have to go through to get there—that would be tough.”

It looks like some interesting decisions await Cashman. That said, we wouldn't be surprised if Steinbrenner re-signed Cashman to ensure he doesn't end up with the Red Sox.