2004_04_asktoby.jpgI have a coworker who I see frequently but whose name I can't remember. Worse, she thinks my name is Cathy, but it's actually Diane. We've worked together for over a year, so it seems a little late to clear up the misconception. I'd like to greet her by her name and correct her about mine. Is there any way for me to fix this gracefully?
Diane, Clinton Hill

It is a little too late. You can either step forward and correct her about your name and swallow a little embarassment, or let it go and have Cathy be your savvy alter ego. Chances are this little bit of confusion will right itself anyway. You and this woman will be chatting by the photocopy machine, and your boss will breeze by and say, "Hey, Diane," and you'll have a good laugh about it. As for learning her name, you could do some interoffice reconnaissance. Once you learn it, you can use tricks like repeating her name in coversation to remember it better. "How are you doing, Diane? That's great to hear, Diane!" and so on. (Or you could call her by the wrong name and see if she corrects you.)