2006_08_sjetslogo.jpgLast week, the Jets warmed up for their road game against the Vikings by showing up on Sesame Street. Head Coach Eric Mangini has a son who loves the show. Chad Pennington, Laveranues Coles and, most interestlingly, Australian punter Ben Graham all shared the Queens sound stage with Elmo. The Jets make their only Monday Night Football appearance -- and will probably get higher ratings than the Seasame Street episode -- when they face the Dolphins in Miami on Christmas Day.

When the two teams met on Oct. 15, the Jets won, 20-17. They controlled the tempo most of the way but almost blew their fourth-quarter lead. Miami Running back Ronnie Brown, who rushed for 122 yards in that game, should return from a broken left hand. He's first rate, and the Jets will have to shut him down like they contained Minnesota's Chester Taylor last week. He had 11 carries for only 38 yards. Last week, New York moved the ball well against the fourth-ranked defense in the NFL. This week, it draws the third-best unit.

With New York fighting for their lives and Miami officially out of the playoff hunt, the obvious storyline is the Jets' presumed desperation against the Dolphins' presumed indifference. But teams that don't like each other -- and there's no love lost between these two -- don't worry about their position in the standings. Miami would like nothing more to end the Jets' postseason hopes, and that angle will be given plenty of play if the Jets lose on Monday.