Less than half of 2004 has passed, and already every single New Years' resolution I made back on 12/31/03 I have managed to dispense with. I had planned to take better care of my health, including exercising more and taking more vitamins and to approach my boss for a salary increase, among other 'self-improvement' things... Now I'm just...sedentary, intimidated, and uncertain. Help?

Better Luck Next Year, Williamsburg

Wait, it's not too late to amend things this year! New Years' Resolutions are made for a reason, namely that you were/are inspired to better yourself in some way, and your willingness to do so is all you really need...along with some good resources. Restore your confidence in yourself by telling yourself that it's only early spring--there are still a full 3 seasons to enjoy in an 'improved' state! Then consult for helpful advice. With regard to your health, make an appointment for an annual checkup and ask your doctor for health tips. Consult online health-related resources like www.webmd.com. Many NYC fitness clubs, like Crunch are offering Spring membership specials, such as join for a year, get another year for free.

Perhaps the increased confidence you'll get from taking better care of yourself will inspire you to approach your boss. Remember, it is more likely that she or he will respond in a positive way if you bring up the subject in a respectful manner and arrive prepared to make a convincing (but not arrogant) case for yourself. Prior to the interview, you should gain some idea about what salary request is most appropriate. Ask around and do some research. Long story short, '04 has a lot of potential. Put it to good use!