2006_03_sfryeinjury.jpgThere was only one way this season could get any worse for Knicks’ fans and it happened last night. In the fourth quarter of their 114-109 loss, the Knicks watched in horror as Channing Frye collapsed on the floor after a collision with Andre Barrett. Frye’s left knee was injured and while x-rays were negative, tests will be run today to see if any ligaments were torn. Ironically, the injury occurs almost 21 years to the day of Bernard King’s crippling knee injury.

This may be the final straw for most Knicks’ fans. Between the Marbury-Brown feud, the inept trades of Isiah Thomas and the poor play of the team in general; fans have had little reason to watch other than to see the development of Frye. If Frye is out for the season the few remaining fans who are watching should just turn off their sets and get ready for the baseball season.

Photo by Julie Jacobson/AP via ESPN