REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine

With three losses in their last four games, the Jets (6-3, 3-2 AFC East) travel to Cleveland Sunday hoping to build some momentum under backup QB Quincy Carter against the Browns (3-6, 2-3 AFC North).

Even on the road the Jets should win this one, but it's actually somewhat intriguing, given the fact that no one will ever let the clock management issue die. NFL Films provided the perfect memento for those who felt schadenfreunde at the Jets' collapse last weekend.

In case you missed it, Curtis Martin is quietly becoming a legend at the running back position (at least statistically). In Cleveland, the big question for Browns fans is whether or not the quarterback and the coach are on the same page.

Gothamist predicts a Jets win...33-20.

Photo by REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine