It is a flurry of strong and not-so strong rhetoric from Mayor Bloomberg these days, when it comes to the fate of his beloved West Side Stadium. The strong: Mayor B says Cablevision's bid for the MTA's railyards is akin to saying, "To hell with America." No, no, Cablevision is not turning anti-American, like rest of the world, but rather that Cablevision is standing in the way of NYC's bid for the 2012 Olympics (the Mayor is conveniently not bringing up the Jets). He added that Cablevision's stance is "We don't care. We've got a monopoly, and we're going to try to keep it," referring to the Knicks' status as the only in-Manhattan sports game in town. Then the not-so strong, but hilarious, words: The Mayor went on to say

"When I come to Singapore on July 6 [when the International Olympics Committee announces who will host the 2012 Olympics], there will be a shovel in the ground - could be a symbolic shovel, but nevertheless a shovel - and (it will show) that we are committed and people are behind this."

Seriously, did some speechwriter write, "There will be a shovel in the ground," but then someone vetting it said, "You need to add symbolic, or else the Post will be on our ass if there's no shovel!" In the meantime, NJ is still trying to woo the NY Jets to stay in East Rutherford.

And starting next week, it'll be Olympics 2012 in NYC round the clock, the IOC team coming to town. They'll be staying at the Plaza and visiting all the proposed venues, so that's why there are tons of Olympics ads starting to pop up - including the ones where the type runs sideways so you can't really read them. The NY Times notes how Deputy Mayor Daniel "Olympics Boy" Doctoroff is getting ready for the visit. Gothamist on the IOC's analysis of NYC's potential as an Olympics city and the rest of our NYC 2012 coverage.