2006_02_swescott.jpgWere you a little late for work this morning because of a bus? If so, don’t feel bad; you have a lot in common with an Olympic athlete. Johnny Weir went from second in the Men’s Skating to fifth apparently because of a change in the bus schedule. Weir’s complaints ring especially hollow when you consider that Evan Lysacek spent the day in the infirmary receiving IV fluids to overcome the flu and managed to go from 10th place to fourth. Even if the bus had been on time, it is doubtful Weir would have caught Yevgeny Plushenko who was flawless and captured the gold

Things were not all bad for the US team on Thursday as Seth Wescott captured a gold medal in the inaugural running of the Snowboard Cross. The event, which most closely resembles a BMX competition, involves a series of races where boarders are required to navigate jumps, turns and each other.

The US men’s hockey team bounced back from a disappointing tie with Latvia to trounce Kazakhstan 4-1. The US victory combined with a Russian victory over Sweden put them into second place in Group B of the tournament. They take on first place Slovakia Saturday at 2pm EST before facing Sweden and Russia Sunday and Monday.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesNBCOlympics.com