Copy, paste. Copy, paste. That's what Gothamist will be doing many times over as the Mets have traded for Doug Mientkiewicz to fill the hole at 1st base when the team's 1st choice, Carlos Delgado, decided to sign with the Florida Marlins. While the bat of Delgado will be missed, at least Mientkiewicz has a great glove. That's the consolation prize, and it could very well come in handy - as will that World Series ball.

Mientkiewicz has a career .272 batting average, hit .238 in 2004, and a Mendoza-threatening .215 in with the Red Sox. Clearly, his bat isn't the reason the Mets signed him. His defense, however, will certainly help the Mets, who committed 137 errors in 2004, enough for the 3rd most in baseball. Mientkiewicz has 21 career errors and a .996 career fielding percentage (the Mets had a .978 team percentage last year). This is even more useful, considering the infield of Kaz Matsui (2nd base, .956), Jose Reyes (SS, .980), and David Wright (3rd base, .942) isn't exactly error free. We'll see how the position swap between Matsui and Reyes works out and we're totally ignoring the fact that Delgado had a better fielding percentage last year.

The Mets had to give up single A prospect, Ian Bladergroen (copy, paste), for Mientkiewicz. The NY Times reports that Bladergroen is rated as the 4th best Mets prospect by Baseball America. Now that's something long-time Mets fans are used to, trading away prospects! Obviously Gothamist isn't thrilled with missing out on Carlos Delgado, but we've seen the sieve like qualities of the Mets infield, so we're more than happy to see some defense on board. We'll remember that next October when we're watching the Marlins in the post season.

Photo by AP via Newsday