As most of you may have read, today is the launch of Gothamist Sports. We are going to cover some of the local sports news as well as some other events in the sporting world outside the New York Area. We also hope to provide some information on recreational sports activities in New York. The site has been in beta for two weeks and Kyle has already gathered some information about summer leagues at Chelsea Piers.

Hopefully, you'll find some of the entries informative, semi-insightful, and possibly amusing, but we realize that we're not a breaking source of information here. There may be some information you, as the reader, know already, but if we can provide you with some new information, great. Feel free to use the comments as a way to discuss how you feel on the entries, but keep in mind the Gothamist Comment Policy.

Please let us know what you might be interested (or not interested) in seeing, and we'll do our best to keep that in mind when we're picking stories. We're also looking for a few contributors for the section. If you are interested, please e-mail Tien.