2006_03_sdailynewscover.jpgApparently, Jim Dolan is pretty happy with the way things are going with the Knicks. That’s the only conclusion you can reach after reading the piece on him in this week’s Sports Illustrated.

It provides a great profile of just how volatile a person Dolan is. From berating people for trivial things, to making sure that they know he is the boss, Dolan comes across as a man so insecure in himself that he must be attended to by sycophants. From the article:

The most memorable instance came in an October 2004 meeting at which Dolan took one look at the projected costs for hockey broadcasts on MSG Network in '05, with numbers far higher than those for '04, and started shouting. Mike McCarthy, the president of MSG Network, tried to point out that the '04 NHL lockout had kept costs down. Dolan wouldn't hear it, thinking he was somehow being taken, though the higher '05 budget reflected only the assumption that the lockout would end and games would be played.

Among the other gems in the artice are quotes from Pat Riley about how strange the Larry Brown divorce with the Knicks was. Hey Pat, when you quit as Knicks coach by fax, you don’t get to comment about the franchise ever again!

Isiah has a number of gems, the most notable one where he denies issuing the “code red” that setoff the brawl in December. His use of the term makes us wonder if Isiah is a regular reader of Gothamist.

Sadly, there really isn’t much else that is funny about this piece. Dolan is in charge and looks to remain so for a long time. Yes, Eddy Curry has turned out okay and the Rangers made the playoffs last year, but All-Star centers have to rebound as well and one playoff spot in eight years is not a turnaround. Dolan, Sather, Isiah, don’t expect a return to 1994 anytime soon.